Analytical Services

Adhering to Global Regulatory Guidelines, the Nova Research Laboratory Analytic Services Department offers capabilities to develop, quality, and validate analytical methods in the support of non-clinical dose formulation analyses for all in-vivo, ex-vivo, or in-vitro platforms. Specific examples include discovery, safety pharmacology, toxicology, genetic toxicology, and ion channel studies.

We offer personalized attention, fast analysis, and quality data and reporting to provide you with the results needed to meet program milestones and deadlines.

Dose Formulation Analytical Services:

  • Dose formulation method development
  • HPLC method development
  • Method Validation/Qualification, assessing specificity, selectivity, accuracy, precision, and stability
  • HPLC analytics for the determination of concentration and homogeneity in non-clinical dose formulations
  • Dose formulation analysis in multiple vehicles
  • Interim tabular results upon request
  • Customized reports

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