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Nova Research Labs

Nova Research Laboratories, originally founded under the name Zenas Technologies in 1996, is a CRO dedicated to ion channel research located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nova researchers have provided hERG data for the ILSI/HESI study, which became the foundation for the S7B Regulatory Guidelines. We have also been contracted by the FDA to provide manual patch clamp ion channel data, which has been used to help build in silico models as well as a benchmark against which automated patch clamp data has been compared.

We offer all ion channels recommended in the ICH Best Practice guidelines (hERG, Late Nav1.5, Peak Nav1.5, Cav1.2) as well as method development and dose formulation analysis as part of IND submission. In addition, we offer non-GLP screening assays on these currents among others. We pride ourselves on not only providing high quality data, but also on how closely we work with sponsors to put data into clinical context for a successful IND application.

Additionally, we have developed a proprietary QT Fingerprinting model, which allows for prediction of clinical QTc changes directly from ion channel data. With the use of this model, potential QT risks can be identified very early in drug development, even before in vivo studies.

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