About Us

The NOVA team has been involved in ion channel research since the 1980’s. They have a long history of providing data for regulatory guidelines. For instance, we conducted the hERG screening for the original ILSI/HESI safety study which became the groundwork for the current S7B guidelines, and members of our team have been contracted by the FDA to provide ion channel screening in support of the new CiPA safety assessment guidelines. NOVA has worked with 100’s of companies along with multiple government agencies to help de-risk compounds.

The NOVA Difference

  • Experience in CRO business since 1996
  • We offer full CiPA ion channel panel
  • We offer screening with native adult human cardiac myocytes
  • Provided the hERG screening for the ILSI-HESI study which became foundation for S7B guidelines
  • Contracted by FDA since 2014 to provide manual ion channel screening in support of the CiPA initiative
  • Our data is being used by the FDA to parameterize their in silico AP model
  • Our data is also used as the standard against which automated patch clamp data is compared

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