Nova Research Labs

Protein Binding Studies

Our protein binding assays allow for the characterization of serum proteins onion channel block. Only the free (unbound) form of the drug can interact with ion channels. If the protein binding of your drug is not known or if there is a species-dependent difference in protein binding, this assay can provide valuable insight.

Using the manual patch clamp technique, the potency of your drug can be examined in the presence and absence of human serum albumin. This will allow for a more relevant comparison with in vivo concentrations.

This assay can be performed on any of the following:

  • hERG (IKr)
  • Cav1.2 (L-type Ca)
  • Nav1.5 (cardiac INa)
  • KvLQT1/minK (IKs)
  • Kv4.3 (Ito)
  • Kir2.1 (IK1)

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